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Posted: 03/29/08 07:18 PM
Author: ErmalT
Location: Albania
Posts: 1


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Loaded Movie 2008
Hi people. Im trying to find a song played in background in this movie. its some kind of rnb/hip hop, female voice and starts with a violin. its plyaing for only 5 seconds and the only thing i get is "lose my mind whenever im with you" than song changes. if someone can help i would really appreciate. i've watched the dvd-rip of this movie and the song plays at about 0:25:20 minute.

Posted: 03/02/09 07:30 PM
Author: leyla.cik
Location: London
Posts: 1


Loaded Movie 2008
did you find what the song is?
iv been looking for it forever aswell
please tell me
Posted: 07/18/10 10:09 PM
Author: jingjia1989
Location: usa
Posts: 573


Loaded Movie 2008
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Posted: 10/22/10 08:48 PM
Author: bags
Location: bags
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Loaded Movie 2008
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