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Posted: 01/07/08 08:06 AM
Author: Maca
Location: Costa Rica
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Legends of the Fall OST
Remember this movie?


This is one of James Horner's greatest scores. I've been looking for the OST everywhere and I haven't been able to find it. Does anyone in here have it by any chance?

Posted: 05/07/09 03:28 PM
Author: [email protected]
Location: USA
Posts: 1


Legends of the Fall OST
I am looking for it also. I found it once 2 years ago on
rhapsody but can't find it anywhere. Question: This version had a vocal correct?
Posted: 07/08/10 11:26 PM
Author: jingjia1989
Location: usa
Posts: 573


Legends of the Fall OST
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Posted: 10/22/10 08:48 PM
Author: bags
Location: bags
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Legends of the Fall OST
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