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Posted: 11/29/10 10:10 PM
Author: bencody01
Location: USA
Posts: 146


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Panasonic SD60 1080i MTS to WMV3 for Windows Movie Maker
Panasonic SD60 1080i MTS to WMV3 for Windows Movie Maker

As one of the popular AVCHD camcorders in 2010, Panasonic HDC-SD60 with the decent price between $400 and $500 is suitable for home users for recording family videos for special events like birthday, playing or others. The HD camcorder records videos in 1080i and stores in .mts file format.

However, Windows Movie Maker or Windows DVD Maker only supports a few videos formats like ASF, WMV, MPG, AVI, MP2, no support for the AVCHD format. Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter comes as the perfect partner for putting Panasonic AVCHD camcorders HD videos to Windows Movie Maker and DVD Maker for editing or burning directly. Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter would convert Panasonic SD60 MTS to WMV, and deinterlace 1080i video to 1080p video for editing.

Follow the steps below, and you can bring the HD videos from Panasonic HDC-SD60 to Windows Movie Maker (WMM) for editing.

Step 1. Load Panasonic SD60 videos to Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter.
Transfer the .mts files from Panasonic HDC-SD60 camcorder to Windows computer hard drive via USB cable, run Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter as the Panasonic SD60 MTS to WMV converter, and click the "Add" button to load 1080i .mts videos.

Step 2. Choose HD WMV output format.
Click the "Format" option, and choose Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas > WMV (VC-1)(*.wmv) as output format. The Panasonic MTS converter will convert 1080i MTS to 1080p HD WMV with WMV3 as video codec.
The screenshot above displays the output format with customizable output profile. You may have to scroll down to get the Adobe Premiere profile.

Step 3. Convert Panasonic SD60 MTS to WMV3 for WMM.
Click the convert button under the preview window, and the conversion from Panasonic HDC-SD60 1080i MTS to 1080p WMV3 will start immediately. After the conversion, you may import the output HD videos to Window Movie Maker and mix the slides, pictures to create your home movies.

After creating home movies in WMM, you can share the movies in Windows Media Center, watch movies on TV or even burn the videos to DVD in Windows DVD Maker. Just enjoy the creation with Panasonic HDC-SD60.

Posted: 12/01/10 03:34 AM
Author: bencody01
Location: USA
Posts: 146


Panasonic SD60 1080i MTS to WMV3 for Windows Movie Maker
JVC Everio GZ-HD40 MPEG-2 TS Converter on Mac

Talking about JVC Everio GZ-HD40, you probably will say it failed to wow the audience as it didn't perform as well as many other HD/AVCHD camcorders, such as Canon HF10. You may also consider the impact on your nerves if you have using the JVC Everio GZ-HD40's MPEG-2 TS recording abilities. Importing and editing MPEG-2 TS video from the GZ-HD40 requires patience and techniques on both PC & Mac.

You can edit the 1920x1080 MPEG-2 files in the sluggish, limited, and Windows-only CyberLink PowerDirector app that JVC bundles with the camera. But before the files will work with some common (and better) editing applications, you need to convert them to a different format. There is one tool presented by Aunsoft Studio worth trying and recommendation, Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac which stands out among all the other competitors for its stability, impressive output quality as well as fast conversion speed. It??s intuitive and easy-to-use interface is another bonus.

This is how the program looks like after files are imported. As you can see it by yourself, it??s actually very straightforward and the whole conversion process involves very few and necessary steps.


First, connect your JVC Everio GZ-HD40 to your Mac with USB cable and then import MPEG-2 TS files to Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac.

(Optional)Edit your files. You are able to crop, trim files as well as add text/image watermarks to show your creativity. You can also adjust volume, picture brightness & contrast to best present your video works.

Choose output format. Normally there are two different purposes for output videos, either they are for your different devices, portable or unportable, or they will be future imported into other editing software such as FCP, FCE, iMovie etc. A small tip for editing in other software on Mac OS X, "H.264 HD Video(*.mov)" profile from "HD Video" section in "Format" list will better preserve original quality.

Merge and convert. Before you start conversion, you have the option to merge/combine/join all your imported files into one single output file. Just clicking on ??Merge into one file?? and it can be done.

After that, you can either edit the videos in iMoive or FCP/FCE, or you can directly burn the movies into DVD.

Good luck with your MPEG-2 TS editing experience for your JVC Everio GZ-HD40 camcorder!
Posted: 12/03/10 02:03 AM
Author: larrygreen9527
Location: CA
Posts: 2083


Panasonic SD60 1080i MTS to WMV3 for Windows Movie Maker
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Posted: 12/06/10 01:53 AM
Author: bencody01
Location: USA
Posts: 146


Panasonic SD60 1080i MTS to WMV3 for Windows Movie Maker
New MTS/M2TS Joiner - Merge AVCHD without Conversion

Are you still looking for an easy-to-use AVCHD joiner? Some converter would provide .mts or .m2ts output wutg decoding and encoding. However, the compression progress will take a long time. The fastest way to merge and [b][url=http://www.aunsoft.com/final-mate/]join AVCHD files into a single file[/url][/b] would be the one that does not require recompression.

Aunsoft Final Mate provides the express way to join MTS/M2TS sequences with the same format and recording mode. No conversion is needed for the lossless output, and the speed is super fast.

The AVCHD sequences with the same video formats require the video are shot with the same codec, frame rate and size, aspect ratio, sample rate and channels. Actually, if you use the same recording mode on the camcorder like the 1080/60p on Panasonic HDC-TM700, the videos will be recognized as a sequence.

Below is the quick step-by-step guide for you to merge multiple MTS files from camcorder to one MTS output with lossless output.

Step 1. Connect camcorder to computer.
Turn on your camcorder and USB cable to connect camcorder to computer. Confirm the camcorder is recognized as external drive on computer.

Step 2. Capture MTS videos with Aunsoft Final Mate.
Run Aunsoft Final Mate as [b][url=http://www.aunsoft.com/final-mate/]quality lossless AVCHD joiner[/url][/b], and click the Camcorder button to capture videos from the connected camcorder. You can preview the videos before capturing to Final Mate. After clicking the Next button, just choose Import radio option and click Next button to select the videos to be imported.
After the videos are imported, you may face the window like below with movie IDs.

Step 3. Merge MTS with Lossless output.
Click the Export menu and choose Lossless Output and you will face the window below to confirm merging AVCHD movie clips. If you have two movie ID on the Final Mate, you will get two video files as output.

Wait for a while, and you will get the videos clips joined into one .mts file for smooth playback with no quality loss. The [b][url=http://www.aunsoft.com/final-mate/]mts joining process without compression[/url][/b] will only take a few minutes.
Posted: 12/06/10 03:00 AM
Author: xw227751
Location: USA
Posts: 304


Panasonic SD60 1080i MTS to WMV3 for Windows Movie Maker
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Posted: 12/09/10 02:37 AM
Author: bbnls
Location: California
Posts: 2551


Panasonic SD60 1080i MTS to WMV3 for Windows Movie Maker
This bug has been around for a while now. It's been happening a lot on one of my iPhone 4's. Which mts to avi is on 4.1. iTunes 10.1 seems to do this more though. Upgraded iPad to 4.2 having the problem with the mute switch that others are having. First I'm mad they moved orientation lock to a software button, then the physical mute switch doesn't even work AT ALL!

Aaron From OHWC
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