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Posted: 11/28/10 11:13 AM
Author: henriklykke
Location: henriklykke
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The best quite helpful Spotify tips

Spotify is an enormous success in Europe, with around a thousand users in the uk.

With only the occasional advertising showing the stream of music, it's like having the biggest tracks collection in the world.

It's so large you may possibly want a bit more guide searching for music and managing the results.

Now we have write fifteen secret functions, tips and add-ons that will help you make the most of Spotify.

1. Search modifiers

Search Spotify music with modifiers to limit and perfect your outcomes. As an illustration, to search for Madonna's 1983 outcome you input "madonna year:1982". You may also search for a range of years, in this way: "rolling stones year:1965-1972". Other modifiers include "album", "artist" and "genre". Those could be mixed, For instance: "album:love artist:cult" only finds tracks from The Cult's "Love". Finally, Boolean syntax can be used to exclude keywords, like this: "genre:trip-hop NOT morcheeba".

Spotify boolean search

: Filter bands and tracks away from search results with the Boolean NOT operator - or try the minus sign "-".

2. Search by genre

Did you know you could use a number of different search terms all together?

The various search terms available are; label, year, genre, artist, album and track.

For example, the search string label:EMI year:0000-2007 genre:house will give you every house song issued by EMI before the year of 2008.

3. Multiple versions

Many albums are in several versions with different edits - and Spotify might have multiple listings for the same collection of tracks. When this occurs you'll also see a tiny arrow in the "Track" column of your results. rip Spotify Simply click it to see all the instances of that track showing up on a different version of the album.

Multiple spotify music

MULTITRACK: Different edits of your top albums have various track versions. Spotify locates them, but hides them

4. Link to piece of a track

As originally cited on the Spotify blog, Spotify ripper you can give buddys a song URI by using a time index embedded in it. Copy the Spotify URI and paste it into your e-mail or Gtalk message window, then edit the URI to add '#time' to the end. For example, if the song contains a great solo a #2:31, you append #2:31 to the end of the URI. You can also do this with HTTP links, but you'll have to substitute the hash tag "#" with "%23" Spotify to mp3.

5. Draggable URLs

Probably you already know you could right click on Spotify playlists, music and albums to copy the HTTP link or Spotify URI to the clipboard. You can also drag-and-drop any Spotify url to the text box of a new application; an email client, instant messager(Msn, Gtalk), URL shortener or Facebook window. The HTTP url is embedded - not the Spotify URI.

6. Top Lists

The often forgotten "Top Lists" feature shows you the most popular songs everywhere on the Spotify network, . You can change the display to show top artists, albums and songs. If you look in the top left corner - it's also possible to change where Spotify obtains its data. Pick "Everywhere", the united kingdom or another region where Spotify is live. Finally, choosing "For Me" shows your most frequently played tracks since the list was last updated. This will happen once a week - but the feature is notoriously buggy.

Spotify top lists

TOP OF YOUR POPS: Spotify say that its lists of top songs, albums and artists are refreshed weekly, so don't worry if your currents faves aren't at number one

Donwload Spotify songs
Plenty of Spotify fans wondering that is it possible to save songs from Spotify. The short answer is Yes. The long one is that Spotify music is streaming music that you can't download directly from it. Instead of download you may Spotify recorder it with Spotify ripper program.

7. Faster playlist creation

So, you've found Spotify's most popular music - now turn them into a playlist. CTRL and click on tracks to make multiple selections, then right-click to open the context sensitive menu and select "Save to" and "New Playlist".

8. Integrate Spotify with Firefox

FoxyTunes is one of is favourite plugins. It lets you control Spotify (and over thirty other media players on Windows) from Firefox. You could search for information on the current track direct from your browser. Mix it with Spotify Search for a complete search and playback solution in your browser.


FIREFOX ONLY: Though available in versions for Firefox and IE, Spotify support is currently exclusive to Mozilla's browser

9. Keyboard shortcut

Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate more rapidly in Spotify; tab to move through columns, use up and down arrows to select tracks or move through music or playlists, hit enter to play. The Spacebar toggles pause on and off. When you are playing a tune, CTRL and right skips to the next in the list, as ALT and left or right goes back and forward through pages.

10. Volume manage

Push CTRL and hit the up or down arrow on your keyboard to adjust Spotify's volume . To mute playback, hit CTRL SHIFT and down - but note that adverts pause when you do that. You will need to pay money for a premium membership to be rid of ads

Posted: 12/01/10 04:11 AM
Author: larrygreen9527
Location: CA
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The best quite helpful Spotify tips
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Posted: 12/09/10 03:01 AM
Author: bbnls
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The best quite helpful Spotify tips
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