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Posted: 11/14/10 10:03 PM
Author: suki7799
Location: usa
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Movies for Turkey Day: A list of Thanksgiving Day films from Pavtube Thanksgiving Activities
Movies for Turkey Day: A list of Thanksgiving Day films from Pavtube Thanksgiving Activities

What is your favorite Thanksgiving movie? A number of movies based on the Thanksgiving holiday have been released over the years, like Uncle Buck, Hanna And Her Sisters, An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving, Care Bears Give Thanks, Alvin??s Thanksgiving Celebration, The New World, Pieces of April, Home for the Holidays, and more. This article aims to show you a list of old Thanksgiving Day films. And introduce you different ways to enjoy Blu-ray and DVD movies on Thanksgiving Day, including watching Thanksgiving movies on iPad, Motorola Droid X, Samsung Vibrant, etc.

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Desperate Crossing: The Untold Story of the Mayflower (2006)
From their self-imposed exile in Holland to their perilous crossing of the Atlantic, to their first year in the new world, Desperate Crossing is the definitive story of how the Pilgrims came to live and prosper in an unfamiliar land. Starring Paul Drinan, Erin Raftery, Sam Redford, Chris K. Layman; directed by Lisa Wolfinger. Not rated. A documentary special from A&E.

Holiday Reunion (2004)
Against the wishes of his wife and kids, Mitch Snider is determined to have a traditional Thanksgiving holiday with all the relatives. And it looks like that's what he will have once he receives an invitation from his long-lost cousin Woodrow in Idaho. However, cousin Woodrow and his family turn out to be nuttier than a holiday fruitcake. Starring Bryan Cranston, Judge Reinhold, Hallie Todd. Rated PG-13.

Pieces of April (2003)
A wayward daughter invites her dying mother and the rest of her estranged family to her tiny apartment for Thanksgiving dinner. Starring Katie Holmes, Patricia Clarkson, and Derek Luke; directed by Peter Hedges. Rated PG-13.

Tadpole (2002)
Most 15-year-old boys are obsessed with the opposite sex; Oscar is no exception. He is an honor student at an exclusive prep school, he is confident, intelligent, speaks fluent French, and is well versed in literary works. His parents are divorced and his father has recently remarried. Sensing that his stepmother isn't happy in the marriage, Oscar begins waging a low-key but ardent campaign to seduce her. His efforts to bed Eve attract the attention of one of her close friends, Diane, a smart and sexy chiropractor who also becomes the not-entirely-unwelcome focus of Oscar's romantic attentions. Starring Sigourney Weaver, John Ritter, Bebe Neuwirth; directed by Gary Winick. Rated PG-13.

Alice's Restaurant (1969)
Cinematic adaptation of Arlo Guthrie's classic song story, "The Alice's Restaurant massacree." Starring Arlo Guthrie, Pat Quinn, and James Broderick; directed by Arthur Penn. Rated PG.

Avalon (1990)
The story of several generations of a family, from the arrival of immigrant Sam Krichinsky in the suburb of Baltimore called Avalon, down through his children and grandchildren. The holiday of Thanksgiving plays a crucial role throughout the film. Starring Armin Mueller-Stahl, Elizabeth Perkins, and Joan Plowright; directed by Barry Levinson. Rated PG.
Dutch (1991)
Dutch Dooley picks up his girlfriend's son from boarding school in Atlanta, and sets out to drive to Chicago for Thanksgiving. He thinks it's a good chance for them to get acquainted, but Doyle turns out to be an upper class brat. Their cross-country battles land them in big trouble and make it doubtful whether they'll ever make it home. Starring Ed O'Neill, Ethan Randall and JoBeth Williams; directed by Peter Faiman. Rated PG-13.

Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)
During a Thanksgiving party, and the year following, we take a look at three sisters and the relationship they have with one another, and with the men in their lives. Starring Woody Allen, Michael Caine, and Mia Farrow; written and directed by Woody Allen. Rated PG-13.

Home for the Holidays (1995)
Claudia Larson is a divorced single mom who just lost her job and now has to fly home for the traditional family Thanksgiving in Baltimore. From the plane, she calls for reinforcements -- and her brother Tommy makes it down from Boston with a little surprise: a handsome friend named Leo. Between dropping the turkey in their sister's lap and a few fist fights on the front lawn, Claudia and Tommy recapture their childhood -- and Claudia and Leo explore the sweet possibility of romance. Starring Holly Hunter, Robert Downey, Jr., and Anne Bancroft; directed by Jody Foster. Rated PG-13.

The House of Yes (1997)
Marty takes his fiancee home to meet the family at Thanksgiving and the family's shockingly hilarious secrets are out! Starring Parker Posey, Tori Spelling, Freddie Prinze, Jr.; directed by Mark Waters. Rated R.

The Ice Storm (1997)
The weekend after Thanksgiving, 1973, the Hoods are skidding out of control. Then an ice storm hits, the worst in a century. Starring Kevin Kline, Joan Allen, and Sigourney Weaver; directed by Ang Lee. Rated R.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)
A man must struggle to travel home for Thanksgiving, with an obnoxious slob of a shower ring salesman his only companion. Starring Steve Martin and John Candy; written, produced and directed by John Hughes. Rated R.

Scent of a Woman (1992)
Hoping to earn extra money over the Thanksgiving break, an innocent and reserved scholarship student at an exclusive prep school agrees to look after a blind, retired Lieutenant Colonel, who takes him off for a wild weekend in New York City. Starring Al Pacino and Chris O'Donnell; directed by Martin Brest. Rated R.

Son-in-law (1993)
L.A.'s funkiest college student, Crawl, is hilariously out of his element when he spends Thanksgiving at the family farm of a straitlaced fellow student. Starring Pauly Shore, Carla Gugino, and Lane Smith; directed by Steve Rash. Rated PG-13.

Squanto: A Warrior's Tale (1994)
Squanto, a young Indian warrior, who is abducted and enslaved in England and Spain, is returned to New England and befriends the Pilgrims when they settle in Plymouth. Starring Adam Beach and Michael Gambon; directed by Xavier Koller. Rated PG.

The Waltons, the Thanksgiving Story (1973)
As Thanksgiving approaches, John Boy Walton (Richard Thomas) is looking forward to taking his college entrance exam and to the visit of Jenny Pendleton. But when John Boy has a seemingly minor head injury, the family must face a dangerou operation that will either cure or permanently disable their eldest son.

The War at Home (1996)
Jeremy Collier is a Vietnam veteran who has returned home and is struggling to cope with the war experiences that haunt him. He is also at odds with his family, who cannot begin to understand what he has been through. Jeremy's battles with his family finally spiral out of control on Thanksgiving Day, when a bitter secret is revealed. Starring Kathy Bates, Martin Sheen, Kimberly Williams, Emilio Estevez; directed by Emilio Estevez. Rated R.

What's Cooking? (2000)
What happens when families come together for Thanksgiving? Almost anything! A charming tale of four very different families, as they cook up some tasty holiday surprises: love, betrayal and even a few outrageous secrets -- and ultimately discover the astonishing power love has to reconnect us all. Starring Joan Chen, Julianna Margulies, and Alfre Woodard; directed by Gurinder Chadha. Rated PG-13.

Caillou: Caillou's Holidays (2002)
Caillou loves the holidays -- and Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are his favorites! From the popular PBS series. Not rated.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)
When Peppermint Patty and a group of hungry pals show up at Charlie Brown's house expecting food, Charlie Brown is too wishy-washy to refuse. With the help of Linus, Snoopy and Woodstock a very unusual feast is prepared. Not rated.

Halloween and Thanksgiving (2000)
Halloween and Thanksgiving with the bear in the big blue house.

Hoboken Chicken Emergency (1984)
When Mr. and Mrs. Bobowicz send their son Arthur to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving, they aren't expecting him to bring home a 266 pound live chicken named Henrietta. Starring Peter Billingsley, Dick Van Patten, and Arlene Golonka; directed by Peter Baldwin. Not rated.

Molly's Pilgrim (1985)
A Russian Jewish immigrant girl, teased by her American classmates for her ethnic mannerisms, is given a class assignment to create a doll based on a Thanksgiving character. She creates a Russian immigrant doll, because, to her mother, Russian Jews are Pilgrims too, having come to America for religious freedom. Based on the book Molly's Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen. Not rated.

Mouse on the Mayflower (1969)
An animated fantasy that tells the story of a brave little mouse who helped the Pilgrims survive both the dangerous sea voyage and the cold New England winter, while staying on peaceful terms with their Indian neighbors. Not rated.

A Rugrats Thanksgiving (1997)
Determined to protect Mr. Turkey from the serving platter, the Rugrats uncover the real meaning of the first American holiday. Not rated.

Seasons of Giving (1999)
Animated Winnie the Pooh movie. The adventure begins once upon a cold and blustery day in the Hundred Acre Wood when Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Rabbit set out on a quest for winter -- a favorite season they seem to have missed. And that leads to a wild search for the perfect ingredients for a festive Thanksgiving feast, and finally to Christmas, and a surprise visit from a special friend. Based on the Winnie the Pooh works by A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard. Rated G.

Thanksgiving (1994)
Thanksgiving is a time to remember how much we depend on and are thankful for the earth's bounty. This video explores the story of the Pilgrims in Plimouth Plantation and depicts Nanticoke tribe dancers, and concludes with a craft project using walnut shells to make miniature Mayflower boats. Grades K-4.

William Bradford: the first Thanksgiving (1992)
Animated biography of William Bradford, the leader of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, and the founder of Thanksgiving. Not rated.

The original from:http://www.springfieldlibrary.org/reading/thanksgivingmovies.html

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Posted: 11/15/10 09:26 PM
Author: suki7799
Location: usa
Posts: 309


Movies for Turkey Day: A list of Thanksgiving Day films from Pavtube Thanksgiving Activities
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Posted: 11/17/10 03:18 AM
Author: suki7799
Location: usa
Posts: 309


Movies for Turkey Day: A list of Thanksgiving Day films from Pavtube Thanksgiving Activities
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Posted: 11/29/10 03:55 AM
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Movies for Turkey Day: A list of Thanksgiving Day films from Pavtube Thanksgiving Activities
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