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Posted: 10/21/10 11:15 PM
Author: roxan8763
Location: USA
Posts: 231


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Mac Aunsoft AVCHD (MTS Files from Sony Cyber-shot TX7) to Avid
Well, I'm a regular consumer of Sony Cyber-shot TX7. Overall I'm quite happy with it. In particular, I'm very satisfied with its attractive stylish and solid design(especially in dark-blue color), aggressive noise reduction algorithm, excellent in-camera panorama function, advanced Hand-held Twilight mode for low-light pictures and really nice Full High-Definition 1080 60i AVCHD video with MTS files extension.

Of course, there are also some disadvantages involved. Comparatively, Sony Cyber-shot TX7 has relatively short battery life and it lacks of audio notes recording and audio record volume control. A histogram function on pictures is also not available.

However, the real problem comes when trying to edit the AVCHD footage (MTS files) on Avid Media Composer. Unfortunately MTS file extension is not listed on the list of supported file formats by Avid. So basically I use MTS converter to convert the AVCHD files to MOV so they can be accessed via Avid Media Composer. It can be quick, quality lossless if you choose the right converting tool, for example Mac Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter. More than what you will expect, this stale and well performed AVCHD converting tool works as a great MTS/M2TS joiner capable of merging/combining multiple AVCHD (mts/m2ts) files to one single output video as well. P. S. you can also check the windows version of AVCHD Converter by Aunsoft Studio.

Besides all the imperfections and AVCHD footage that really upset me once, I'm still gonna rate this camera a 4.5 out of 5. Just because this camera is the first ever compact digital camera I have come across that actually brings amazing pictures in Low light conditions with its "HandHeld Twilight" mode!

Posted: 10/22/10 08:48 PM
Author: bags
Location: bags
Posts: 662


Mac Aunsoft AVCHD (MTS Files from Sony Cyber-shot TX7) to Avid
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Posted: 11/04/10 10:29 PM
Author: roxan8763
Location: USA
Posts: 231


Mac Aunsoft AVCHD (MTS Files from Sony Cyber-shot TX7) to Avid
Edit Panasonic HDC-HS700 1080p 60fps/50fps Footages in Final Cut Pro

Panasonic HDC-HS700 Panasonic HDC-HS700 camcorder is the first consumer camcorder to offer 1080/60p (full HD 1920x1080 with 60 progressive recording) recording using their advanced 3MOS sensor system. The new Panasonic HDC-HS700 comes with a 240GB hard disk drive and records 5.1 channel surround sound with the five built-in microphones. Panasonic also upped the numbers game with a whopping 14.2 mega-pixels for stills.

The HDC-HS700 HD camera stores videos in .mts format with MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression. However, You can not import the 1080p 60fps/50fps footage with Final Cut Studio. This is because it is not part of the AVCHD spec. It's a special format that only this camera (at the present time) can shoot. You need to convert the 1080p 60fps/50fps footage off your HS700 with Aunsoft Mac Panasonic MTS to FCP Converter for Snow Leopard. It does not only convert Panasonic HS700 MTS to MOV on Mac, but also merges 1080p 60fps/50fps MTS files for import into Final Cut Pro.

Here is the step-by-step guide for you to import and edit Panasonic HDC- HS700 MTS to Final Cut Pro on iMac/MacBook Pro with Mac OS X like Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard.


Here is the step-by-step guide for you to import and edit Panasonic HDC-TM700 MTS to Final Cut Pro on iMac/MacBook Pro with Mac OS X like Snow Leopard.

Step 1. Load Panasonic HS700 MTS videos to Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac.
After transferring .mts files from Panasonic HDC-HS700 camera, run Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac as the best Mac MTS to MOV converter, and click the "Add" button to load .mts videos.

Step 2. Choose H.264/AVC MOV output format for FCP.
Click the "Format" option, and choose Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas > MOV (AVC)(*.mov) for converting AVCHD videos from MTS to MOV with H.264/AVC as video codec for loading to Final Cut Studio/Pro. With this option, the output video will be kept as high definition1920x1080.


Step 3. Merge Panasonic AVCHD 1080p/60 files. (Optional)
Tick the checkbox for "Merge into one file", and the Panasonic HDC-TM700 MTS converter will join and combine the video clips into a single file as output.

Step 4. Convert HDC-HS700 1080/60p MTS to MOV for Final Cut Pro
Click the convert button under the preview window, the Mac Panasonic AVCHD converter starts converting MTS videos to H.246 .mov, , and joining the MTS files for editing in Final Cut Pro.

After converting and merging the HS700 MTS files, just import the output files to Final Cut Studio/Pro and the video is in HD 1920x1080. You can also import the output videos to Final Cut Express (FCE) 4, iMovie 8/9 for editing in full HD.

Want to learn more information about Aunsoft Panasonic AVCHD MTS Converter, please enter Aunsoft Panasonic Camcorder Column.

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Aaron From OHWC
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