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Posted: 10/19/10 09:31 PM
Author: awesomelynn
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How to Remove PDF Restrictions?
My friend sent me a PDF eBook, but it requires a password to open it. What can I do? Why I can't copy text or images from the PDF file downloaded from an academic website?
I can't correct a misspelling in a PDF form, why?
My printer can print any other document except one PDF file, does it broken?

To all the questions above, the answer is to remove PDF restrictions. Let's first take a look at types of PDF restrictions.

[B]Types of PDF Restrictions[/B]
This is a pop-up window of Adobe Acrobat when you are trying to set PDF restrictions. You can see clearly the classification and the function of PDF restrictions.


[B]PDF Open Restriction[/B] ?C You set open restriction because you only want authorized readers to view the PDF file. EBook publishers enable open restriction of PDF eBooks to protect copyright, so that readers have to pay to get the authorization to view the book. If you write diaries and keep them in PDF, you can also lock the diaries with PDF open restriction out of privacy concern.

[B]PDF Copy Restriction[/B] ?C You can't extract text, images, and other content of a PDF file with copy restriction by simply copy and paste. You may say, ??I can still type them out if I do want to steal the idea??. Sure you can do that, but what about a PDF file with hundreds of pages? I believe nobody has the patience.

[B]PDF Edit Restriction [/B]?C Don't touch my book! This could be the heart voice of a writer who keeps his work in PDF. Yes. We use PDF to preserve content because we believe it's far more difficult to change a PDF file than a MS doc or a notepad txt. However, others can still temper with unrestricted PDF files with a PDF editor. To make PDF more secure, you need to apply PDF edit restriction.

[B]PDF Print Restriction[/B] ?C Check out the PDF file for print restriction before you declare the printer guilty. This is the final defense of a PDF file. It won't let you make paper copies of PDF files. Publishers usually resort to this kind of restriction to prevent piracy.

[B]Ways to remove PDF restrictions[/B]
Adobe Acrobat[/B] ?C If you've got Acrobat and know the password, you can easily remove all the four restrictions by typing in passwords in the Password Security ?C Setting window above. To open that window, click Secure button and select encrypt with password in Acrobat interface.

[B]AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover[/B] ?C The problem comes. What if you don't know the passwords? In this case, Acrobat is totally useless. Additionally, if you only want to use Acrobat to remove PDF restrictions, Acrobat is apparently not worth the price. Therefore, you should choose the most cost-effective application. And AnyBizSoft [URL=http://www.anypdftools.com/pdf-password-remover.html#261]PDF Password Remover[/URL] meets this need.


For the four kinds of restrictions mentioned above, it can directly remove three of them, namely, PDF copy restriction, PDF edit restriction, and PDF print restriction. Of course, if you know the open password, once you type in it in the first time, you can also remove it forever.

The program works for you in the simplest way. You just import the restricted PDF file, click start and the exported PDF is restriction-free. Or you just decrypt with right-click menu.

Now you must be clearer about PDF restriction and ways to remove PDF restrictions. I'm sure you know what to do next time when running into PDF restriction problems.

Article resource: [URL=http://www.anypdftools.com/tutorials/how-to-remove-pdf-restrictions.html#261]How to Remove PDF Restrictions?[/URL]

Posted: 11/29/10 05:26 AM
Author: larrygreen9527
Location: CA
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How to Remove PDF Restrictions?
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