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Posted: 08/24/10 11:53 PM
Author: shirleywxf
Location: China
Posts: 19


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Edit Kodak video to Windows Movie Maker, import Kodak video to Windows Movie Maker

[url=http://kodakconverter.com/edit-kodak-video-with-windows-movie-maker.html]Import Kodak Video to Windows Movie Maker[/url]

Kodak video cameras are hitting the market, especially the pocket video camera Kodak Zi8, due to the ease of use and high output quality. Kodak video cameras don??t offer video editing, so if you want to edit Kodak videos, you will need and video editing application to do that, and Windows Movie Maker is a very popular video editing application for a lot of Windows users. Kodak video cameras, such as Kodak Zi8, Kodak Playsort etc take videos in MOV format, but Windows Movie Maker does not support MOV files. Therefore, to [url=http://kodakconverter.com/edit-kodak-video-with-windows-movie-maker.html]edit Kodak video on Windows Movie Maker[/url], you need to convert Kodak video to Windows Movie Maker WMV.

Doremisoft [url=http://www.kodakconverter.com/for-windows.html]Kodak Video Converter[/url] is a wonderful application that let you convert Kodak video to WMV so you can transfer Kodak video to Windows Movie Maker to edit your Kodak videos. With this software, you can easily [url=http://kodakconverter.com/edit-kodak-video-with-windows-movie-maker.html]import Kodak Zi8 video to Windows Movie Maker[/url] and Kodak Playsport video to Windows Movie Maker.

The following steps will guide you through the steps to convert Kodak video to WMV for Windows Movie Maker:

Step 1: Add Kodak Video Click the "Add File" button, browse your hard disc, find and select the Kodak videos you want to import to Windows Movie Maker, and click "OK" to add them to Diremisoft Kodak Video Converter.

Step 2: Select Windows Movie Maker WMV format as the output format
Open the "Profile" drop-up list, move your mouse cursor to "HD Video", and you will see all the preset common video formats to the right, scroll down to the last format, and you will see WMV Video. Click on it to select it.

Step 3: Start to convert Kodak video to Windows Movie Maker
Click the "Start" button to start converting Kodak video to Windows DVD Maker WMV. After the conversion, click on the "Open" button on the bottom right of the main interface and you can find all the converted WMV files in the folder opened.

Posted: 08/25/10 07:26 AM
Author: valadarrel
Location: bejing
Posts: 9


Edit Kodak video to Windows Movie Maker, import Kodak video to Windows Movie Maker
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Posted: 10/22/10 09:06 PM
Author: bags
Location: bags
Posts: 662


Edit Kodak video to Windows Movie Maker, import Kodak video to Windows Movie Maker
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