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Posted: 05/03/10 10:51 PM
Author: wewallean
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How to make your PC run faster
Have you found your PC runs slowly after it has registry errors, record history, junk files…? When you start up your PC or reboot it, you get the error message in installation. How to get ride of this? How to deal with such a series of annoying problems? Uninstall doesn't help, neither does a Cleaner......
The answer is 4Easysoft Registry cleaner software.
4Easysoft Registry Cleaner (the registry optimizer) can help you clean up the registry errors, record history, junk files… to speed up your PC and improve the system performance.
4Easysoft Registry Cleaner http://www.4easysoft.com.html
also serves as a privacy protector, and can help you scan your disk and remove the record history after using some applications to protect your privacy. Moreover, this software can also be called as the system manager, for it can adjust your registry parameters to optimize your system. Besides, some useful tools, such as IE Manager, Startup Manager, Uninstall Manager, and System Tools, are also brought to you by this registry optimizer. This powerful system cleaner also provides you with many incredible functions.
Now I will introduce them in details respectively:
Preparation: Intall and run
4Easysoft Registry Cleaner http://www.4easysoft.com/download/registry-cleaner.exe
Click registry cleaner which will scan your system, identify registry errors, and automatically select the correction needed for the best results.
Privacy and shortcuts cleaner:
This registry cleaner can help you clean up the record history, cookies… to protect your privacy. Also it can remove those invalid shortcuts.
Restore cleaner:
In order to minimize the risk, this system cleaner software provides you with automatic backup of each change and restore points to undo any changes.
4Easysoft Registry Cleaner can also help you optimize system parameters to speed up your PC.
Some advanced tools:
IE manager tool can help you to restore and customize your Internet Explorer. You can set the home page, the window title, etc. as you want. Startup manager can help have a fast PC startup, 4Easysoft Registry Cleaner can list all the automatically started applications, and then you can choose which ones to be deleted. Uninstall manager can assist you in removing those unwanted software safely and easily from your computer through the function of “Uninstall Manager”.
This software System tools

4Easysoft Registry Cleaner also provides you with a convenient access to some useful utilities, such as Registry Editor, DirectX Diagnostic Tool, Disk Defragmenter, etc., which are built in your Windows.
Total Video Converter http://www.4easysoft.com/total-video-converter.html
HD Converter http://www.4easysoft.com/hd-converter.html

Posted: 10/25/10 08:47 PM
Author: bags
Location: bags
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How to make your PC run faster
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Posted: 11/29/10 04:49 AM
Author: larrygreen9527
Location: CA
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How to make your PC run faster
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