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Posted: 06/09/09 08:51 AM
Author: nicholasg980
Location: NYC
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Jim Flynn Rentals Supports Entire New York Music/TV And Movie Industries

Jim Flynn Rentals has had an enormously busy first half of the year as it continues its tradition of supplying the very best gear to some of the top music recording, landmark institutions, and live performances for television and theatre in New York City and beyond.

We will be taking a closer look at some of these projects over the next few weeks, but it seems that renowned International TV man - Fritz Lang (The MTV VMA's, Grammy's, Miss Universe, Miss USA, President Obama's Inauguration ceremony with Jazz at Lincoln Center) has been as busy as the JFR boys - who he calls upon whenever he has an event - and this month, he's had a lot - including the use of the New York Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium for the "Celebrity Apprentice Finale".

As ever, Jim Flynn Rentals were right there with Fritz with a compact Pro-Tools system with a range of gear including extra support for both Fritz and the All Mobile video truck. Erik Woltersdorf at Jim Flynn Rentals tells us that Fritz has his own-specified Pro Tools rig and built by JFR that is ready to fly anywhere in the world at a moments notice, even into the occasional war zone!

Similarly, our old (and everyone else's) friends - Sesame Street - have been working with Roger Stauss over at Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens, New York where they have hosted and recorded such guests as : First Lady Michelle Obama, LL Cool J, Sheryl Crow, Brian Williams, and Canadian singer songwriter Fiest, while Jim Flynn Rentals supplies Roger with his normal full Pro Tools Rig.

Erik says: "I keep it assembled, tech'd, and ready to roll for Sesame Street. These rigs are like the Air Force One of the audio world. When you get to the status of a Fritz Lang or a Roger Stauss you can have a rig fueled, oiled and calibrated and it's ready to roll."

In the world of recording, there are a few "MAJOR" new projects being worked on in the city that never sleeps, but we can't tell you who they are, except to say that the world's most successful female recording artist seems to be starting work on a new album while one of the world's biggest bands are in town to work on a comic-book based Broadway show (!) Of course - all call on Jim Flynn Rentals to get their gear-thing on.
We just can't tell you who or what. Or where. Or anything...!! However, we can tell you that the gear is massive and the hours long and a little strange. JIM IS THE KEEPER OF MANY SECRETS....

Avatar Studios are a frequent customer of Jim Flynn Rentals, and they like to keep their clients private, which we respect, but the sheer amount of mics, cables, converters and speakers being sent over by Jim Flynn Rentals almost weekly, says to us that SOMETHING big is going on there!

Legacy Studios have been host to that lady we spoke of who seems to be getting busier on the recording front with JFR supplying guitars, speakers, keys and mixers for the jam session that seems to be in progress there.

Legacy have also been hosting Lawrence Manchester - recording engineer for just about every decent soundtrack you can think of in the past few years - as he tackles the music for Tuxedo Films "Taking Woodstock" in front of his favorite Jim Flynn supplied JBL's.

The movie is helmed by Ang Lee.

Lastly (for us here) Will.i.am has been having his regular recording dance-party at Legacy with JFR trucking over a Korg Oasys Keyboard, as well as a Moog Little Phatty Keyboard.

Over at Chung King, Jim Flynn Rentals have also been dipping into their VAST itinerary of keyboards of every size, shape and decade, with everything from a Dave Smith PolyEvolver to a Moog analog synth among a lot of other gear being supplied to acts like Kid Cudi, Leslie Ryan, Gorillaz, Estelle and CAT STEVENS!

Yup, seems that Yusef is back, or gone - or whatever..

Wyclef Jean's Platinum Studios always hosts top R+B, rap and reggae artists and this month is no exception. Jim Flynn Rentals have been sending over trucks and crew almost daily for artists such as LL Cool J (mics, guitars, basses) and Maxwell (Pro-Tools)

Upstate based Firehouse Productions - one of the US's premier event staging/production companies have been calling Jim Flynn Rentals for projects as wide as "Robin Hood Foundation fundraiser" at the Javits Convention Center (JFR supplied 360 systems, boards and speakers) and "Survivor Finale" at the Ed Sullivan Theater (mixing boards, mics, speakers)

Also in television this year we had the Survivor Finale with Michael Abbott (Grammy Audio Co-ordinator & independent mixer) using a Jim Flynn Rentals recording rig including the Tascam X-48 for the iso mix and the Yamaha DM-2000 for the band mix along with the Cedars DNS-1000 to round out the package.

Talking of TV, Jim Flynn are always in deep with Good Morning America (this week - Ciara played the early morning show with JFR supplying what seems to be a complete store of gear that included a Tascam X-48 hard disc 48 channel recording workstation as well as a serious array of mics to accommodate the band.

Jimmy Fallon has his particular needs for his audio - always using a JFR supplied JBL 5.1 system with Lawrence Manchester at the helm, to the joy of his television audience who hear the comic's voice coming from all angles! The show sounds huge with his house band "The Roots"!

And, of course, JFR take seriously the "truthiness" of the broadcast business with The Colbert Report bringing in ANOTHER truck load of gear with stuff that includes a Yamaha M7CL-48 Digital Mixer, and MY- 16AT Adat Expansion Cards in preparation for Mr. Colbert's trip to entertain our troops in Iraq.

Then there's "The Daily Show" and more on that next month, where we'll also be taking a closer look at Sir George Martin's Wildheart Group, the aforementioned American Museum of Natural History, Artist (the painting kind!) Christopher Rahn's new exhibition at The Guggenheim, the new soundtrack for Mel Gibson's "Edge of Darkness" and.... just what the heck was an EMPTY case as a rented item for the workstation manufacturer Euphonix doing at Yankee Stadium?

We intend to find out about all of this and much more - stay tuned!

In the meantime, for much more on Jim Flynn Rentals

Please visit: http://www.jimflynnrentals.com

Posted: 11/30/10 04:04 AM
Author: larrygreen9527
Location: CA
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Jim Flynn Rentals Supports Entire New York Music/TV And Movie Industries
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